Firelight Health

Healthcare Pricing Intelligence

Bespoke data and analytics that empower purchasers of healthcare to control costs and improve value.

Our Mission:
A Functional Market in Healthcare Services

Prices matter.  We enable purchasers of healthcare to analyze, compare and respond to the prices of procedures and treatments.

What We Do

FireLight helps employers, unions, benefit consultants, purchasing groups and others

Evaluate Provider Networks

by comparing local provider-negotiated rates that impact choice of carriers and plans.

Improve Steerage

by revealing hospital rates for specific services and treatments.

Perform Fiduciary Duties

for plan trustees who must ensure maximum value is achieved from the use of employee health plan assets.

Improve Direct Hospital Contracting

by analyzing hospitals’ negotiated rates across their payer contracts and among hospitals in their region.

Select Centers of Excellence

by examining line-of-service pricing at high-performing hospitals.

Resolve Disputed Claims

by providing comparable services pricing data from other payers and providers.

FireLight Health

Pricing Intelligence and Analytics

enabling purchasers of healthcare to control costs and improve value.

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